Reportool.com aims to provide assistance in solving one of the big problems facing organisations today, how to get the skills they need in the online world at a price they can afford.

Government and Enterprises: Are increasing their investment in cyber to manage the growing risks. However a significant risk vector is via their SME partners and there are no simple tools for them to manage this.

Small Medium Enterprises: Do not have the skills or resources like their larger peers, so are struggling to deal with the new landscape where their business can be ruined if significant breaches occur. The SME market is diverse and a simple, scalable solution is required to manage the human element of their cyber journey.

Government Regulation: Increasingly government will apply cyber regulations to all company directors of all sizes. Additionally existing privacy and user details regulations will become more extensive as more and more business move online. Directors on multiple boards cant see their own risk easily.

Rapid Technology Adoption: As new services are rapidly taken up by consumers that involve user location, digital transactions, social networking, RF services (WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, etc) then more vectors appear for social engineering and compromises. This makes the creation of an educated workforce (directors, executives, staff, IT staff) a critical part of organisations of the future.